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Aadhar Card Nowadays is an Essential ID Proof in Government Process. Recently Government has Declared that We need to Aadhar with Majority of ID Cards like PAN Card, Voter ID Card and Bank Accout.

Aadhar Card Hold Same Important Like Other ID Proofs like PAN Card and Passport. Aadhar is 12 Digit Number that is Randomly Generated and Unique for Each Aadhar Holder. E-aadhar Also Known as Digital Aadhar Card. That can be Downloaded from UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India).

So, Without Wasting your Precious Time Let’s Jump to the Process of How to Check Aadhar Card Status after Filling Aadhar Application Process at Aadhar Card Office/Kendra to Download Eaadhar. Here are a Steps to Follow:

  • In First Fill Up the Aadhar Application Form at Your Nearest Aadhar Card Office.
  • After Filling Application Form You will Get EID/UID Number and Date and Time of Filling Aadhar Application Form (Carefully Save this Aadhar Receipt for Future Use).
  • In a Next Step Jump to UIDAI Official Site -> uidai.gov.in
  • Select Aadhar Number (UID) or EID then Enter Captcha.
  • Then Click on Check Status and you will Get Your Aadhar Card Status.

Check Aadhar Card Status Online

So, There are Many Ways to Check Aadhar Card Status Online, For Example, You can Check Your Aadhar Card Status Using EID Number, Check Aadhar Status by Name and EID, Check Aadhar Card Status By Sending SMS, Check Aadhar Status by Mobile Number etc. We will Discuss all the Possible Methods to Check Aadhar Status.

Aadhar Card Status by Name

We have Assumed that You got Your Aadhar Number after Filling Aadhar Application Form.

  • In the first Step Just Enter the URL of UIDAI -> www.uidai.gov.in in your Browser.


  • After the First Step. You can See the Official Portal of UIDAI Looks like Above Image. In the Portal Click on “CHECK AADHAR STATUS” from Aadhar Enrollment Column as Soon Above.
  • A New Window will Open of Resident.uidai.net.in Now in that Enter Your Enrollment ID in the EID Box and Your Date and time of enrollment in the next box (You will find enrollment Number and Date/time of enrollment on the Aadhar Application slip given to you at the time of enrollment.)


  • After Filling EID and Date/Time Enter the Captcha Code (It’s Important for some Security Reason) in Last Box.
  • You are About to Finish Now. After Filling all Info Hit on Check Status or ENTER.

NOTICE:- If your Aadhar Card has Generated Online than You Can able to See it by this Method But if It’s in Progress You will Get one ERROR Message that Your Aadhar Card is Under Process or Aadhar Information is Not Available.

In this Case, Keep Patience because It will Take Time to Generate Aadhar Card because UIDAI Got Thousands of Application Each and Every Day. Check if After Week or Later.

Check Aadhar Status by Mobile Number

This is a Toll-Free Service of UIDAI to check aadhar application status.The Service is Totally Free of Cost. No Money Will be Deducted.

  • Dial this Toll-free Number –  1800-300-1947
  • After Dialing You will be asked to entering all the Details regarding Aadhar Application.
  • Once the Process will Complete you can Track Your Aadhar Card Details.

Aadhar Status by Sending SMS

Now, this Method of Checking AadharCard Status by Sending SMS is very Helpful For those who are Living in RURAL Area or any Village Citizen because It’s Possible that They Don’t have Any kind of internet Connection. So, Online Method to Check Aadhar Card Status is not Applicable to them.

Here Note one Thing that You have to Send the SMS by Registered Mobile Number (Mobile Number that is Given by You at the Time of Filling up Aadhar Application Form).

Type SMS: UID STATUS <Your 14-digit Enrollment Number (EID Number)>

Note: All letters Should be Capital with Proper SPACE

Now, Send this SMS to 51969.

After Sending this Messages to above Number You will Recieve an SMS from UIDAI within a Minute.

If your Aadhar Card is Generated You will Get Response Message like this: “Congratulations, Your adhaar Has been Generated by UIDAI and will be delivered soon by Post.”

If you Have Filled up Aadhar Application Just a few Days Above than, You will get a message like this: “Your aadhar is in Process”. In this Case, Don’t worry It will take some time to generate Aadhar Number. 

Check Aadhar Card Status at resident.uidai.net.in

The Process is Once again Simple and Easy. Follow the Given Steps.


  • In the Aadhar KIOSK Portal, You can See Option of CHECK AADHAR STATUS on Middle Left of the Screen. CLICK on that Option.


  • Next Steps are Similar to Mention Above. Enter your Enrolment ID Number with Date and Time Mention in Aadhar Application Receipt.
  • Enter Your Full Name and Registered Mobile Number in Next Box.
  • Now Enter Your 6 Digit Area PIN Code.
  • Enter Security Code in Next Step. (Captcha Code)
  • After Filling up all Information Just Click on Check status button.
  • After Clicking You will Get Your Aadhar Card Status.

So, the Process is Very Simple anyone Can Do this. No Need to Go to Cyber Cafe and No Need to Pay Any Extra Money to Check Aadhar Status Online. You can Do it by Yourself anywhere with Internet Connection and Your Aadhar Detail.

So, Here Comes the Next and Important Part. You have Checked your Aadhar Status It’s time to Download E aadhar Card (Eaadhar is kind of Digital Aadhar Card). Though Original Aadhar Card will Be Delivered within 90 Days. So, Eaadhar is also Valid At this Time.

To Download Aadhar Card Online Follow This Simple Process that is Explained Below.

Download Eaadhar Card

Basically, There are Two ways to Download Your Aadhar Card Online.

  • Download E-Aadhar By Enrollment ID Number.
  • Download E-Aadhar by Aadhar Number (UID).

Download E-Aadhar by Enrollment ID

  • Now You need to Select EID (Enrolment ID Option) Option to Download Eaadhar Using EID. (EID is 14 Digit Number like this – 12345/12345/1234)
  • Enter all the Data like Your Full Name in the First box of UIDAI Form.
  • In Next Step Enter 6 Digit Pin Code of your Residential Area.
  • Enter Security Code to Prove that You are HUMAN, not any kind of BOT.
  • Now in next Box enter Your Mobile Number that is Registered with Unique Identification Authority of India (It’s provided by You at the time of filling Aadhar Application Form)
  • Click on “GET ONE TIME PASSWORD” Button to Generate OTP. You will Receive one SMS Containing OTP Enter that Code in Last Box then Hit Enter or Click on Validate & Download.

Download E adhar by Aadhar Number

The Procedure to Download 

card Using Aadhar Number is Almost Similar to EID Method. Kindly Follow this Steps to download Aadhar card By UID Number.

  • Firstly Go to Official Website of UIDAI.
  • Now Select Aadhar Option (UID) and Enter 12 digits Aadhar Number (UID Looks like – 1234/1234/1234) in the Field.
  • In the Next Step enter Your Full Name in the First box.
  • In the Next step Enter 6 Digit Pin Code of your Residential Area.
  • After entering PIN CODE In Next Step Enter the Captcha Code for Verification Purpose.
  • In the Last Box Enter your Registered Mobile Number.
  • After that Click on “GET ONE TIME PASSWORD” Button to Generate OTP.

You will Get one Message Containing Some CODE enter this Code in OTP Field and Hit Enter.

In Next Window, Your Eaadhar Has been Generated. You can Download your Eaadhar for Future Use. Make sure You Print Few Copies in Case Original Lost.

Aadhar Correction

Sometimes due to the high number of Applications and zero knowledge of Aadhar Application Form Guidelines People get Aadhar Card with Wrong Details. Mistakes can be found on Name, Address, Mobile Number, and Gender in Aadhar Card. After receiving Many Complaints regarding Aadhar Card Mistakes UIDAI started Facility to Do Aadhar Card Correction. Aadhar Holder can change their Aadhar Details and get new Aadhar with correct Details. To do so follow the given steps.

Basically, there is TWO Method for Aadhar Card correction:

  • Online Aadhar Card Correction
  • Offline Aadhar Card Correction

SSUP – Online Aadhar Card Correction

Basically, there are few Steps to Update Aadhar data like Mobile Number, Name, Date of Birth, Gender. The Process is Same in case you want to Change all the Information in New Aadhar Card. So, in this Case, we are Going show you How to Make Address Correction Aadhar Card.

The Main 4 Steps are Listed Below.

  • Step 1: Login to Aadhar Portal using 12 digit Aadhaar Number
  • Step 2: Select Appropriate field to update (Name/Address/Mobile Number/DOB/Gender)
  • Step 3: Fill New data for update
  • Step 4: Upload Documents & Submit
  • You can see the Page Interface given in Below Image.

Aadhar Correction

  •  In Aadhar Update Portal, Click on “UPDATE AADHAR DATA” tab.
  • After Clicking on that Tab You will be Redirected to “AADHAR SELF SERVICE UPDATE PORTAL” also called SSUP Portal.
  • After This, You will be Redirected to LOG IN Page. As given in Below Image.

Aadhar Correction

  • In that Page LOG IN with Your 12 Digit Aadhar Number and Enter Security Code. Then Press ENTER. After that, You will receive one OTP.

Aadhar Correction

  • Now Select the Options Listed on the Page. In case you want to change your Address in New Aadhar Card Select Address field and Press Enter.
  • Now fill up all the Information Like Your Correct Address, Area Name, Pin code and City. After this Press Enter.

Aadhar Correction

  • You also need to Upload ID Proof Like PAN card, Driving Licence or Voter ID Card for the verification process.
  • After Complete Process You will Get one SMS to your Registered Mobile Number regarding Aadhar Card Update Status.
  • As a Proof of Aadhar Correction Process, you will get URN Number which will help you to Check Aadhar Update Status Later.

URN – Update Request Number

Aadhar Update Status

After getting URN Number You can check your Aadhar Update Status at SSUP (Aadhar Self-Service Update Portal).

Check Aadhar Update Status

  • As you can see in the Given Image Enter Your Aadhar Number and URN Number
  • In the Next Step Enter Captcha Code and Click on Get Status.

If your Aadhar Update Application has processed then You can see your Aadhar Update Status else You have to wait for few days and then check your aadhar update status.

Aadhar Card Facts

Q.) Is Aadhar a Valid ID?

A.) As Per the Government, Aadhar Is not Officially Announced as Valid ID Proof But We can Say that Day by Day the Importance of Aadhar Card is Increasing.

Q.) What is Aadhar?

A.) Aadhar is a unique identity 12 Digit number issued by the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India). No resident can have a duplicate number since it is linked to their individual biometrics.

Q.) What is Eaadhar Card?

A.) Eaadhar is Digital Aadhar Card. It’s a soft copy of Aadhar Card and as equal as original Aadhar Card. You can download your eaadhar from UIDAI’s official Website after Checking your Aadhar Card Status.



E aadhar Download at UIDAI
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