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Some Important Facts and Myth about Aadhar Card

Aadhar Facts and Myth

Many People have Many Doubts regarding Aadhar Process, Aadhar Authentication, and Aadhar Enrollment. So in this Post, we are Going to Discuss Important Facts and Myth about Aadhar that is Given By UIDAI. In case after reading this article If You have more Doubts you can refer to Aadhar Act Section at UIDAI Official Portal. 

Myth 1: I had to give my fingerprints to the telecom company for getting a SIM card. Can the telecom company keep my biometrics for future use?
Fact: No. The telecom company cannot store your biometrics at its end. The biometrics collected should be encrypted by the service provider and sent to UIDAI (UIDAI has all the Database of Aadhar Cardof all Indians) at that instant itself. Any storage of biometric by any agency is a serious crime punishable with up to three years of imprisonment under the Aadhaar Act.

Myth 2: There are reports that Aadhaar will be used to track any Person. Is it True?
Fact: Aadhar Act provides that no agency will be able to track any individual through Aadhar Card or Aadhar Number. Any attempt to track an individual through Aadhaar number is an offense under the Aadhar Act.

Myth 3: Aadhaar has a poorly verified database.
Fact: Aadhaar enrolment is done through registrars, which are credible institutions like state government, banks, Common Service Centres (CSCs) which employ enrolment agencies impanelled by UIDAI. These agencies employ operators who are certified by UIDAI. Aadhaar enrolments are done only through customized software developed and provided by UIDAI. Every day, the operators have to log into the enrollment machine through their Aadhaar number and fingerprints. Once an enrollment is done, the operator is required to sign through his/ her biometrics. At the time of enrolment itself, the captured data is encrypted and can’t be read by anyone other than the UIDAI server. These are just a few of the security measures to ensure that Aadhaar enrollment system is secure.

Myth 4: A person can give fake I-card and obtains an Aadhaar number.
Fact: Let us one example – Suppose Ram fabricates his identity documents such as ration card or voter’s ID card in the name of Shyam. However, Ram will also need an Aadhaar in his real name. When he goes to enroll in the name of Ram he will be rejected because his biometrics are already in the database mapped to some Shyam. So, if somebody has Aadhaar with a fake identity, then he will be stuck with that fake identity for whole life. If this person indulges in any crime, he will be caught very soon and prosecuting agencies will find it much easier to prove his crime because all his acts are digitally recorded. Therefore, very few will dare to use fake Aadhaar identities using biometrics to commit a crime of impersonation.

Myth 5: People may use fake Aadhaar cards to facilitate an act of terror or open a bank account for money laundering.
Fact: It is wrong to assume that the authorities would rely only on Aadhaar for allowing access to all type of services. If an agency is using Aadhaar, it does not mean that it is required to give up other necessary verifications. After having confirmed the identity of the person through Aadhaar, biometrics or OTP, the agency is at liberty to prescribe additional checks. For example, if a person opens a bank account with his Aadhaar and wants to undertake high-value transactions, the bank should do additional checks to make further verifications about the individuals.
Further, for the sake of argument assume a person is able to open a bank account using an Aadhaar with a fake name and address and launders money or commits some crime or terror acts. The person can do the same through any other fake ID like a fake voter ID card or ration card as well. The only difference is that, if he has used his Aadhaar, it will be easier for investigating agencies to find the culprits and conspirators, bring them to justice, and prove their crime in a court of law. If the person had used his fake ration card, the authorities would find it much harder to find him and will hit a dead end in many cases.

Myth 6: There have been few reports of leaks of Aadhaar number. This has raised concerns.

Fact: False. The fact is some agencies of central or state governments have been putting up details of their beneficiaries state-wise, district-wise, village-wise through a search menu as required under the RTI Act. Now IT Act and Aadhaar Act are there. They impose restrictions on publication of Aadhaar numbers, bank account, and other personal details. As soon as it came to notice that some agencies were displaying Aadhaar numbers and bank account numbers of beneficiaries in a search menu, they were told to remove them and they complied. Remember that no biometrics were displayed. No data has been leaked from UIDAI. Therefore to say that Aadhaar has been breached, data has been leaked, is completely incorrect and misleading.

Myth 7: I shared my Aadhaar number publicly on a social platform unknowingly. Now anyone can steal my identity.
Fact: First Understand that Aadhaar number, bank account number and mobile numbers are not secret. They are personal identity information of Individual. Secret numbers mean your PIN, passwords etc. While these should not be shared, one can give his sensitive personal identifying information such as bank account number and Aadhaar number to others for transactional purposes. When you write a cheque, it will have your bank account number. Just because someone knows your bank account number, it will be wrong to assume that he will be able to hack your bank account. If someone knows your Aadhaar number, it will be wrong to assume he will be able to hack your Aadhaar-linked bank account. However, a prudent practice is that you should not put up your sensitive personal information such as bank account numbers, Aadhaar number on website or social media platform.

Myth 8: Section 7 of Aadhaar Act ensures that no one will be denied benefits because of not having Aadhaar. But notifications mandate Aadhaar in contravention of this provision.
Fact: Section 7 of the Aadhaar Act is very clear that if a subsidy is to be given from the Consolidated Fund of India then the government can ask for Aadhaar number. If the beneficiary does not have an Aadhaar then he/ she can be mandated to enroll for Aadhaar and till then benefits shall have to be given through alternative means of identification.

How to Re-apply for New Aadhar Card? – Get Duplicate Aadhar Card Guide

We have noticed that UIDAI Rejects Many Aadhar Application Form Daily. If you are a Victim of this Rejection Don’t Worry You can Still Re-Apply for Aadhar Enrolment. In this Post, We are Going to Provide you all the Guidelines and Information on How you can Reapply for Aadhar Card and Do’s and Don’t While Filling Aadhar Application Form.

Possible Reason for Aadhar Application Rejection

Before We start and Move further It is Important to know Why Your Aadhar Application was Rejected. Which Mistakes you have Made While Filling Aadhar Enrolment Form. So, Here found the Possible reason for your Aadhar Application Rejection.

  • You Have Provided Wrong Information in Aadhar Application Form.
  • You may Have Provided Wrong Supporting Documents.
  • UIDAI fails to Verify your Supporting Documents.
  • Your Biometrics can’t be Recognize.
  • Your Application From Stay on Hold.
  • The possibility of rejection In the case of UID database already has an enrolment with your demographic or biometric data.
  • Your Aadhar Application isn’t Found.

So, Now you know Why your Application was Rejected. It’s time to Re-apply Aadhar Application for Enrolment but This time Make Sure you Don’t make Any Mistakes.

How to Re-Apply for Aadhar Card?

Re-applying Aadhar Application Process is Same as Fresh Application Form Submission. But this Time You need to Take care of All the Details that You have Entered in Aadhar Card.

  • Download Aadhar Application/Enrolment Form.
  • Read All the Fields Carefully.
  • Provide all (Total 11) the Necessary Details Including Pre-Aadhar EID, TIN/NPR Receipt, Name, Address, Gender, Age, District, State, Mobile Number, PIN Code, Concent etc.
  • Provide your biometrics to Aadhar Card Kendra – fingerprints for all fingers and iris scans of both eyes, Provide Your Photograph for future reference.
  • Write all the Details in Capital/Uppercase Letters.
  • No, Overwrite, No Mistakes, No Cross, No Cutting in Details.
  • Handover the Application to aadhar official and ask them to Check all the fields. (They will guide you in case you have made any Mistakes while filling aadhar application form)
  • If You have found any Mistake Correct it On the Spot.

How to Check Aadhar Application Submitted or Not?

Now the Question that arrives in your Mind is You have Submitted Your Application But How you will Get to Know Is it Really Submitted or not? Don’t Worry We have Solution to Your Problem.

After Successfully Submission of your Aadhar Application, You need to Check Your Aadhar Status Online. It’s Simple Process You Just Need to Enter Information and You will able to Check your Aadhar Application Status. (Learn More=> How to Check Aadhar Card Status?)

So Now you know the Detailed Process of How to Re-apply for Aadhar Card. We Hope this time You Don’t make any Mistakes.

What If You Don’t Receive Aadhar Card OTP? Solve Aadhar OTP Problem

We are Getting Many Queries relating Aadhar OTP hasn’t Received from Users. So, In this Post, We will be Solve Aadhar Card OTP Problem.

Nowadays Mobile Number Plays very Significant Role in Verification of Any details at Many Places. Let’s Take Example of e-aadhar. We know that When We proceed to download e-aadhar from uidai.gov.in there is a field for OTP. OTP Means One Time Password. OTP is only Activated or Generated for Maximum 10-15 Minutes. In case If you have Made any Purchase or You make Transaction Via Your Debit or Credit Card you need to Enter OTP to Complete the Transaction.

What is OTP?

OTP Means One Time Password. OTP has used for the Security Purpose and to Verify any Detail.

In the case of Aadhar Card, You have to Provide Your Mobile Number at the Time of Aadhar Enrolment. So, When you Download Your e-aadhar Online you have to Enter that registered Mobile Number. On that Mobile Number, you will Get OTP.

Reasons You Don’t Receive Aadhar Card OTP

There are several reasons why you don’t Receive your OTP.

  • It’s Possible that you have not registered your particular Mobile number during your aadhar card enrollment/registration Process. (It’s Mandatory that You Need to Provide your Mobile Number for Future reference)
  • Your registered mobile no (sim card) is Blocked or blacklisted by Service Provider.
  • Maybe Some Network Issue.
  • Phone Storage capacity is full or not able to receive new Messages.
  • You have Provided Different Mobile Number at the Time of Registration.
  • Your SIM Card has Lost/Stolen etc.

How to Receive OTP to Download Aadhar Card?

Now we know the Problems Why we haven’t received any OTP for Aadhar Card. It’s time to Solve that Problem.

  1. Network Issue: – If you are Living in a rural area or some other Place where there is a Problem of Signal then You might be Facing the Issue of not getting any Messages/SMS. to Solve this Problem Make Sure You are in the Coverage are before you Proceed further for OTP.
  2. Registered mobile no. (sim card) is Blocked or Blacklisted: – If you have Purchased New SIM card and Provide that number in Aadhar Details and You haven’t Used New SIM card for More than 2 Months then Your SIM card will be Blocked or Canceled. So, Make sure that Use New SIM card as soon as Possible.
  3. Phone Storage capacity is full: – In this Case, You can’t able to receive any New Messages if your Phone Storage Capacity is Full due to Some other Stuff present on your Mobile Phone. To solve this Problem kindly Delete Unwanted Information like Images, Files, Videos, SMS to Free some Space.
  4. Mobile Number isn’t Registered: – If you haven’t registered your Mobile number then there is a Possibility that You don’t get Any OTP. Learn more – Register Mobile Number and Update Aadhar Info.

So, these are some Possible Reasons for not getting Aadhar OTP. As you detect and able to resolve the cause creating an issue, you will definitely able to get OTP on your registered Phone. If you Have More Doubts and Problems READ THIS F.A.Q. Section on this Portal

Apply for LPG Subsidy by Linking Aadhar Card to Bank Account – MyLPG

As we know that to get LPG Subsidy We have to Connect our Aadhar Card to Our Bank Account for DBTL (Direct Bank Transfer) Benefits. Earlier We have Seen that How you Can Link Aadhar to Bank Account Online Using Net Banking (This Process is Known as Aadhar Seeding).

So, In this Post, we are Going to Talk about How you can Get LPG Subsidy by Linking Aadhar Number to Bank Account and about How to Join New DBTL Scheme for LPG Subsidy Called “PAHAL”. But Before that, If you Don’t Know the Process of Linking Aadhar to Bank Account Just Follow This Steps.

  • Offline Mode – In Offline Mode of Aadhar Seeding Process You have to Go to Your Bank Branch. Ask them for Aadhar Sedding Form and After Filling Complete Form Provide them Required Document Xerox as ID Proof. That’s it. It’s Very Easy.
  • Online Mode – In Online Aadhar Seeding Process You Need NET BANKING Access for your Account. If you don’t Have Net Banking Details like ID and PW first Apply for that at Your Bank Account. Now After Getting Net Banking Facility Login to your Account. You can See in Left Sidebar Option of “LINK AADHAR NUMBER“. Click on that Option and Provide your 12 Digit Aadhar Number. After Successful Submission, they Will Check your Detail and Link Your Aadhar Number In Few Days.

Join New DBTL Scheme for LPG Subsidy Called “PAHAL”

DBTL scheme that launched on 1st June 2013 has been relaunched with modifications on 15th November 2014 (55 Districts) and 1st January 2015 (Remaining Districts). This Scheme Also Known as “PAHAL“.

DBTL was Initially Launched in only 280 District in India. More than 100 Million People has Taken Advantages of DBTL Scheme. The Main Problem with the DBTL is that People Who Don’t have Aadhar Card Can’t get the Benefits of LPG Subsidy. That’s Why Linking Aadhar Card to Bank Account is Very Important to Getting LPG Subsidy Benefits.

So here is the Simple Process to Apply for LPG Subsidy at MYLPG

  • First You need to Link your Aadhar Number to Your Bank Account.
  • After Aadhar Seeding You Need to Link Aadhar Card With LPG Connection.
  • If you Haven’t Link Aadhar Number to Bank Account Don’t Worry In this Case You Need to Link Bank Account Number to LPG Account Together (So that You will Get Direct Subsidy to Bank Account)
  • Once a customer will join the scheme successfully, he will be called “CTC” (Cash Transfer Complaint) by LPG Connection Provider.
  • After This Process, the Consumer will Started Getting Subsidy Directly to their Bank Account.

How to Verify Aadhar Card Number at uidai.gov.in? – Aadhar Verification Guide

Aadhar Card Verification Process

Day by Day the Importance of Aadhar card as ID proof is Increasing. The reason is Aadhar has all the Identity Details Including Finger Prints and Iris Scan. UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) is Responsible Organisation behind Aadhar Card Issuing Process. UIDAI Maintain all the Database of Every User who has Aadhar Card.

Aadhar Number is 12 Digit Number. Here Note one thing that Aadhar Number is Generated RANDOMLY by UIDAI. Aadhar has gained great Popularity over Short Period of time Compare to Other ID Proof like Driving Licence, PAN card etc. The Reason Behind this is Aadhar Include all the Details of Indian Citizen.

Guide to Verify Aadhar Number at uidai.gov.in

In order to verify your aadhar Number, You have to Note few things Like You have to keep your Aadhar Number at the time of Aadhar Verification Online, Your Registered Mobile Number should need to Link with Aadhar Number If your Register Mobile number or Email Address is not Linked to Your Aadhar Number Do it first now.

Sometimes Many Aadhar Holder has Wrong Information Printed on their Aadhar Card. So, In this Case, before Aadhar Card Verification Process, You have to do Aadhar Card Correction and have to Update Aadhar Card Information first. Then and Then Start this Procedure.

  • Before starting the Procedure Make sure You have your Aadhar Number Ready.
  • Open Website of UIDAI in your Browser.
  • In the Home Page of UIDAI portal, You can see there is one Column Name as “AADHAR SERVICES”.
  • In Aadhar Service Select Second Tab Written as “Verify Email/Mobile Number”.
  • Now one another Window will Open Known as “Aadhaar Kiosk”.

verify aadhar card

  • “Aadhaar Kiosk is Portal used to verify the email address and mobile number that has been declared during enrolment or latest successful processed update request, whichever is later.”
  • In the First, Field Enter your 12 Digit Aadhar Number.
  • In Next Enter the Security Code and Press ENTER.

Now your Aadhar Verification Process has Completed.  It will Display Whether Your Aadhar Number is Issued or Not.

Importance of Aadhar Verification

Aadhar Verification Process is Important in Order to Check Whether After Filling Aadhar Application Form it is Really Issue or Not.

Aadhar Verification is Helpful In order to See the Details of Aadhar Holder like

  • To See the Residence Details of Aadhar Holder
  • To See the Gender and Other Details of Aadhar Holder.
  • To See Whether Aadhar Number is Issue or not.

So, Make sure When you Get your Aadhar Card. Don’t Just Sit back but In the Next Step, you have to Verify Your Identity with Your Aadhar Number at UIDAI. If you haven’t Verify your Aadhar Card yet. We will Suggest you Do it As soon as Possible because It’s Important Part of the Whole Process.

Get Aadhar Number on Mobile at resident.uidai.net.in – Find Lost EID/UID

The Importance of Digital Medium is very Advantageous than Offline Transaction in 21st Century. People are Getting more and More Digitized and Using Online Platforms to make each and Every Process Easier for all Transaction. It will save their Time and No need to carry Fiat Currency in Pocket.

In this Post, Our Concern is to give you the Knowledge about Digitization. Initially, Indian People have to fill up all the Government-Related Documents Offline. It means they have to Stand in Long Queue to get their ID Forms like PAN card, Passport, Aadhar Card, Driving Licence etc.

But Our New Government is taking Great Initiatives to Make India More Digital. You can see Majority of Government Procedure is taking Place Online. Take Example of Passport and Aadhar Card. In the Case of Passport You have to Contact any Agent for Application Form and Process but Now You can Fill up Passport Form Online and the Process takes Less time than Offline Method.

Same Advantage we get in Aadhar Card Application Process. We can Fill up Aadhar Update Application form Online and Offline Both way but Majority of People are Using Online Method to Check Aadhar Card Status. To Download eaadhar, To check Aadhar card Update Status and also to make Changes in Aadhar card online.

So, In this Post, We are Going to Discuss How you can get Your Aadhar Card Number on Mobile using your UID Number. But In case if you Lost Your EID (Enrolment Identification Number) Follow this Simple Steps to Get UID number by SMS.

How to Find UID/EID Number?

  • Select EID/UID Option in First Row.


  • In Next Step Enter your Full Name, Email Address, Register Mobile Number and Captcha.
  • Hit on “GET OTP”
  • Now You will Recieve 1 SMS from UIDAI with OTP. Enter the Same in Next Section.
  • That’s it You will get one SMS with your EID/UID number.
  • Use this EID number to Getting Aadhar Number on Mobile.

How to Get Aadhar Number on Mobile?

Now You have Successfully Retrieve your EID Number by Above Mention Method. It’s time to use that EID Number to Generate aadhar Number on Mobile.

  • Once again Open UIDAI Official Website.
  • You will See the Page like this.


  • In that Page Enter your EID number that you have recently get on your Register Mobile Number, Date and Time from your Slip and Mobile number.

NOTE :- The top of your acknowledgement slip contains 14 digit enrolment number and the 14 digit date and time of enrolment. These 28 digits together form your temporary enrolment ID (EID).
Enter the 14 digit enrolment number and the enrolment date and time in the boxes shown above.

  • Enter the Security Code and Hit Enter.
  • That’s it You will get one Message with Your Aadhar Number Given on your Mobile Number.

We hope you Get this Method to Getting Aadhar Number on Mobile. If you have any Suggestion Drop down Below in Comment Section.

Complete List of Required Documents for Filling Aadhar Card Application Online

Documents For Aadhar Application

So, Previously We have Completed few Tasks Like We Filled up Aadhar Card Application Online, We check Aadhar Card Application Status Online, We find Aadhar Card EID(Enrolment ID) Number from Official Website and Recently We provided you Guide about How you can Update Aadhar Card Address, Name, Date of Birth and Other Information via Online Method.

So, In Updating Aadhar card Application Update Procedure We have seen that Aadhar Holder Has to Provide Some Original Documents Scan Copy Or let’s Say User has to Upload their ID Proofs like Licence, PAN Card, Voter ID Cards.

In this Post, we are Going to Give you the FULL LIST of Documents That are Valid for Aadhar Card Verification or let’s say Valid Documents for Aadhar Card Application Form.


So, Here is the List of Mandatory Documents for Aadhar Card Update Process. We have Divided them Based on Categories. Kindly Check out which Category you can relate your Document with.

Supported PoA Documents Containing Name and Address




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