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UIDAI: Aadhar Card Status, Download Aadhar Card and Aadhar Correction Process

Check out the Complete List of UIDAI Related Links to Check Adhar Card Status, To Download eaadhar, Adhar Card Correction and Aadhar Card Update and Enrollment Form.

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)

Check Adhar Card Status, Adhar Card Correction/Update, Download Aadhar Card

How to Download Aadhar Card

  • Download e-adhar from Given Links in this Table.
  • Use your Enrollment Number or UID to Download the Aadhar Card

How to do Aadhar Card Correction

  • To Update, Adhar Card/Aadhar Card Correction just Click on Update Adhar Card link in given box.
  • Download Aadhar Correction Form and Aadhar Enrollment Form.


Check Aadhar Card Status


Download Aadhar Card


Download Aadhar (Using EID/UID)


Download Adhar Card by Name


Download Adhar Card Enrollment Form


Adhar card Correction Form


Update Adhar Card Online


Official Website of UIDAI


Check Aadhar Card Update Status by URN Number – Aadhar Update Status Guide

Check Aadhar Card Update Status

Hello, Welcome to Aadhar Card Information Guide. Here as you can See that We Provide all the Information about Aadhar Card and It’s Updates.

So, We all know that Aadhar Number is 12 Digit Identification Number that is Given by the Government of India. Till this Date, More than 65 Million Indian Citizen Collected and Fill up the Aadhar Card Application Form at Aadhar Portal via Different Method.

Earlier We have seen that How You Can Check your Aadhar Card Status Online and We can Also Trace our Aadhar Card by URL Number. (We will talk it Later about URN Number). We have also seen that Sometimes there is Mis-Print or Wrong User Information is Provided in Your Original Aadhar Card.

So, After that, We have Done Aadhar Card Correction and We saw the Step by step Process of How to Update Aadhar Card Online at uidai.gov.in, If you are living in Suburban area or in Village You can also Do Aadhar Card Correction via Post. (offline method) So, Int his Method we are going to discuss How to Check Aadhar Card Update Status at SSUP.

So, for those who Don’t know Aadhar Card Update Process, We quickly See the Steps to Make Aadhar Card Correction.(It will hardly take 2 minutes to read).

Procedure For Updating Aadhar Card

  • First Go to the Official Website of UIDAI – uidai.gov.in
  • Now Select Aadhar Update Status.

Check aadhar update status

  • Then You will be asked for aadhar Number to Log in to make aadhar card Correction.
  • Now select Particular Field in which you want to make changes.
  • Fill up all the Information Correctly in all the Fields.
  • Submit the Form.
  • You will get an OTP enter the same in the BOX.
  • Now you have to Submit your ID Proof like PAN card or PASSPORT. (For Reference Check out List of Documents for Aadhar Update Procedure). Don’t forget to Self attest all the Documents.
  • In the Offline Method, You simply have to Download one form from Aadhar Portal, Fill up the Form and Send it to Aadhar Card Regional HQ.(Check out – Update Aadhar card via Post)

What is URN Number? How to use URN Number?

Here Note one thing that When you Submit your Aadhar Update/Correction Application you get URN (Unique Request Number).

Unique Request Number – URN is required to know the Aadhar Card Update Status online, by filling the details of Aadhaar card Number and URN number on the Self-service Update portal.

URN Number is Important because when you want to make any Changes in your aadhar card, You need your URN number as a Reference.

So, We advise you to kindly SAVE it on your Mobile Device or Write it down in your Personal Diary where you can Easily Remember for future use.

How to Check Aadhar Card Update Status?

Without Taking your More time Let’s see the Steps to Check Aadhar Correction Status.

  • In the First, Box Enter your 12 Digit Aadhar Card Number and in the Second box Enter your URN number.

Check Aadhar Update Status

  • Click on Get Status.
  • Within few seconds your Application status Appears on the Screen.

Reason for Aadhar Card Rejection

Now After all the process It is Possible that Your Aadhar Card Application Get Rejected. You can see Following Details.

  • ‘Under Review’
  • ‘Rejected’
  • ‘Successful’

If the Aadhar Update Status Listed as ‘Rejected’, the following reasons could be possible for the Rejection.

  • Inadequate documents were submitted.
  • Incorrect details submitted.
  • Human error when filling the request form.

In case Your Aadhar Update Application Rejected Don’t Lose Hope. You can also Re-apply for the Same.

First Visit your Nearest Aadhar Card Kendra and Give them All the Details.

Then Take new Form and Submit the Form with all Required Documents with Self-attested and they will Give you further Information Regarding Updates.

Check Aadhar Card Update Status and Inquiry by Name and Enrollment Number

Aadhar Card Update Status

In this Post, we are going to Discuss How you can Check Aadhar Card Update Status and Aadhar Card Enquiry Step by step. So, Stay tuned to us and Follow the Simple Steps.

Check Aadhar Card Status Online

Basically, After Aadhar Correction Process You will Get URN Number to track your Aadhar Update Status.

First is Check Aadhar Card Update Status by Enrolment ID Number,

Second is Check UIDAI Adhar Status by Aadhar Number (UID-Unique Identification Number)


  • In the First Step, You need to check out The Official Website of UIDAI ==> CLICK HERE
  • You can see several Box Given. For your Comfort, we have Highlighted all the details of the Image.
  • In the First Box Insert, your 14 Digit EID Number that is Given in the Aadhar Application Slip.
  • In the Second Box Enter Date and Time is given in the Slip.
  • After Inserting Security Code Press Check Status.
  • Within Few Minutes one Window will Open with Your Current Aadhar Card Update Status.

So this is the Simple Process to Check Aadhar Card Update Status and Make Aadhar Card Enquiry Onlne.

Now the Question is Many People Don’t know their EID or Aadhar Number. Sometimes It also Happens that You misplaced your Aadhar Application Form Slip. So, Don’t worry If you don’t have your Enrolment Number. Here is the Next Step We are Going to Discuss How you can get Your EID Number if you Can’t Able to Remember.

Check Aadhar Update Status at SSUP

Follow this Simple Process to check Aadhar Update Status at SSUP.

Check Aadhar Update Status

  • Now Enter Your Aadhar Number and URN Number
  • In the Next Step Enter Captcha Code and Click on Get Status.

If you Aadhar Card has been Updated than You can see your Current Status else you have to wait for few Days.

How To Find Lost EID and UID Number?

Finding EID and UID Number is very Easy. It Requires only Few Information like Your Name, Your Email ID and Your Register Mobile Number (Same Mobile Number that you Provided at the Time of filing Aadhar Application form at One of the Aadhar Card Kendra.)

Find Lost Enrolment Number

  • In the Very First Step Check out UIDAI Website by Clicking HERE.
  • After Clicking on the Link you can see the Page like This.
  • Here You can see there is Two Option given in the First Row. If you want to Find your Lost EID Number Select EID in the Checkbox and If you Want to find Your Lost Aadhar Number Simply Check Aadhar Option.
  • Rest of the Procedure is Same as Checking Aadhar Card Status.
  • After Checking one Option Kindly Mention your Name, Your Email Address, Your Register Mobile Number and at the End Insert Correct Security Captcha Code.
  • After Filling all the Information Press GET OTP Option. within a few Seconds, you get One SMS from UIDAI Portal giving Info about your ONE TIME PASSWORD (OTP).
  • In Step-2 Enter the OTP you have Received in your Mobile Number and Hit Verify OTP.
  • If you have Inserted Right OTP One New window will Open Providing where you can find your Lost Enrolment Number (EID Number)

Find Lost Aadhar Number (UID Number)

As we Discuss Earlier to Find your Lost UID Number the Procedure is Same as Listed above for Finding Lost EID Number.

But there is Only One Change that You have to make. Just Select Aadhar Number Instead of EID Number in the First Row. Rest the Process and Instructions are Same as Given Above.

We Hope that You Find this Guide Straight Forward and Very Helpful. If you Still are Facing any Issue or Problems Don’t Hesitate to Comment your Query Below. We will Solve your all the Queries As soon as Possible.

Check Aadhar card Status Online and Offline by Enquiry at www.uidai.gov.in

Check Aadhar Card Status

Like PAN card and Driving Licence 12, Digit Aadhar Card is also one of the Important ID Proof for Every Indian Citizen. Here In this Blog, We are Going to Provide you Complete Information and Latest News regarding Aadhar Card.

So in this Post, You can get to Know How you can Check Your Aadhar Card Application Status in Different Ways.

Before You can Check your Aadhar Card Status You need to Have Few Information Like Your Enrollment Number and Registered mobile Number that is Provided by You at the Time of Filling Aadhar Card Application form at One of the Aadhar Card Kendra.

Now Checking Aadhar Card Status is Easier than Early Days. You can do in Few Minutes. You don’t have to go to Aadhar card Centre for this. You Just Need an Internet Connection.

You can Check Aadhar card Status in 2 Simple Ways. They are as Follows.

  • Check Aadhar Card Status Online
  • Check Aadhar Card Status Offline Via SMS/MESSAGE.

Let’s Discuss this 2 Simple Method In detail.

Check UIDAI Aadhar Status Online

Checking Aadhar Status Via Online Method is Very Easy Compare to Offline Method because it takes Less time and Efforts. Follow this Simple Steps to Check Your UIDAI Status.


  • Now You can see the Portal Like Given the Below Image.
  • As Seen Above in the Image In the First Step, You need to Enter your 14 Digit EID (Enrolment ID Number).
  • In the Second Step, You can see a Box Near to EID that is Date/Time. You have to Enter the Date/Time that is Given in the Aadhar Card Application Slip.
  • In the Next Step after Entering EID and Date Insert Security Code Shown in the Image. In above case, Captcha Code is 4772. So enter this Code in Next Box.
  • That’s it. Now Hit CHECK AADHAR Box to Check your Aadhar Card Application Status.

If your Aadhar Card Has Generated You can also Download and Print your Aadhar Card after Checking Status.

Find EID/UID Number

To Get Aadhar Card as an ID Proof In the First Step You have to Fillup the Aadhar Card Application form at your Nearest Aadhar Card Kendra.

After Filling up the Form the Admin will Give you one SLIP. You can find Your Enrollment Number on that Given Slip. You can also See the Date/Time for the Future Reference to Check Aadhar Card Status Online in that Slip.

Your Aadhar Card Application Slip will Look like This.

You can Clearly See the EID Number and DATE/TIME in above Image. This is Just for your Reference.

Check Aadhar Card Status Offline

As we told you Earlier You can Check your Aadhar Application Status in 2 Different Way. In this Method, You don’t need any Internet Connection. There are 2 Sub methods to Check aadhar card status Offline. They are as Follows.

In case your Aadhar Information is Wrong You can Do Aadhar Card Correction by Post.

Check Aadhar Card Status by SMS

This Method is Very Simple. If you know Your Register Mobile Number of your Aadhar Application then You can Use this Method.

Follow this Simple Steps.

  • Open Your Mobile Messaging Application.
  • Now Type : “UID STATUS <14 digit enrollment number>” (Remember to Place SPACE)
  • Send this SMS to 51969 Number.
  • Now If you’re 12 Digit Aadhar Number has Generated then You can Get Message either You won’t get any Reply from UIDAI Portal.

Check Aadhar Card Status by Toll-Free Number

This is a Toll-Free Calling Method to check aadhar application status. so, You don’t charge any Money.

  • At First Dial this Toll-free Number – 1800-300-1947
  • After Dialing You will be asked to entering all the Details regarding Aadhar Application.
  • Once the Process will Complete you can Track Your Aadhar Card Details.

So, This one is also Very Easy Method to Check aadhar card Status Offline.

So, This is the Methods To Check You Aadhar Card Application Status and To get Enquiry of Your Aadhar Card. If you are Still Facing any Problem or You don’t Understand any Part of this Process Don’t Hesitate to Ask any Question.



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