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What If You Don’t Receive Aadhar Card OTP? Solve Aadhar OTP Problem

We are Getting Many Queries relating Aadhar OTP hasn’t Received from Users. So, In this Post, We will be Solve Aadhar Card OTP Problem.

Nowadays Mobile Number Plays very Significant Role in Verification of Any details at Many Places. Let’s Take Example of e-aadhar. We know that When We proceed to download e-aadhar from uidai.gov.in there is a field for OTP. OTP Means One Time Password. OTP is only Activated or Generated for Maximum 10-15 Minutes. In case If you have Made any Purchase or You make Transaction Via Your Debit or Credit Card you need to Enter OTP to Complete the Transaction.

What is OTP?

OTP Means One Time Password. OTP has used for the Security Purpose and to Verify any Detail.

In the case of Aadhar Card, You have to Provide Your Mobile Number at the Time of Aadhar Enrolment. So, When you Download Your e-aadhar Online you have to Enter that registered Mobile Number. On that Mobile Number, you will Get OTP.

Reasons You Don’t Receive Aadhar Card OTP

There are several reasons why you don’t Receive your OTP.

  • It’s Possible that you have not registered your particular Mobile number during your aadhar card enrollment/registration Process. (It’s Mandatory that You Need to Provide your Mobile Number for Future reference)
  • Your registered mobile no (sim card) is Blocked or blacklisted by Service Provider.
  • Maybe Some Network Issue.
  • Phone Storage capacity is full or not able to receive new Messages.
  • You have Provided Different Mobile Number at the Time of Registration.
  • Your SIM Card has Lost/Stolen etc.

How to Receive OTP to Download Aadhar Card?

Now we know the Problems Why we haven’t received any OTP for Aadhar Card. It’s time to Solve that Problem.

  1. Network Issue: – If you are Living in a rural area or some other Place where there is a Problem of Signal then You might be Facing the Issue of not getting any Messages/SMS. to Solve this Problem Make Sure You are in the Coverage are before you Proceed further for OTP.
  2. Registered mobile no. (sim card) is Blocked or Blacklisted: – If you have Purchased New SIM card and Provide that number in Aadhar Details and You haven’t Used New SIM card for More than 2 Months then Your SIM card will be Blocked or Canceled. So, Make sure that Use New SIM card as soon as Possible.
  3. Phone Storage capacity is full: – In this Case, You can’t able to receive any New Messages if your Phone Storage Capacity is Full due to Some other Stuff present on your Mobile Phone. To solve this Problem kindly Delete Unwanted Information like Images, Files, Videos, SMS to Free some Space.
  4. Mobile Number isn’t Registered: – If you haven’t registered your Mobile number then there is a Possibility that You don’t get Any OTP. Learn more – Register Mobile Number and Update Aadhar Info.

So, these are some Possible Reasons for not getting Aadhar OTP. As you detect and able to resolve the cause creating an issue, you will definitely able to get OTP on your registered Phone. If you Have More Doubts and Problems READ THIS F.A.Q. Section on this Portal

What If You Don’t Receive Aadhar Card OTP? Solve Aadhar OTP Problem
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