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Link Aadhar Card to SBI Bank Account – Aadhar Seeding Process

New Government Wants to make India Fully Digital by making most of the Transaction via Online Method. The Main Advantage of Aadhar Seeding is We can get a Different Kind of Subsidies directly into Our Bank Account. Now we don’t have to Stand into Long Queue to Getting Subsidy. It will also Reduce Corruption. The best Example is PM Modi’s PAHAL Yojna to Send LPG Subsidy Directly to Bank Account.

Indian Government is taking steps to remove corruption from the Base. The Process Start with Linking Aadhar Card Number to Bank Account of Aadhar Card Holder. There are also Many Reason and benefits of Aadhar Seeding.

So, Indian Government Wants Aadhar Card Necessary for all Legal and Government related Procedure. Linking Aadhar Card to Bank Account is one of them. Till this Date, More than 20 Million Aadhar Holder has Linked their Aadhar Card to Bank Account to get Governments Schemes Benefits.

Aadhar Card Seeding

Many People are Still Confuse about the Process of How to Link Aadhar Card to Bank Account. So the Process is very Simple and Identical for Majority of the Bank Like State Bank of India, ICICI, HDFC, Canara Bank, Union Bank Of India, PNB etc.

Basically, There are Two Methods to Link Aadhar Card to any Bank Account.

  • Online Aadhar Seeding Method
  • Offline Aadhar Seeding Method

Link Aadhar Card to Bank Account Online

In Online Aadhar Seeding Method the Main Requirement is You need Net Banking Account.

If you don’t have any Net Banking Account Don’t Worry Simply Go to your Bank Branch and Ask any Bank Probationary Officer about Net Banking Account. He/She will Give you 1 Form. Just Fill up the Form and Submit 1 ID Proof with Self-attested Xerox Copy. Tha’s It. He/She will Give you 1 Net Banking KIT in which your UserName and Password is Given.

Simply Login with that Username and Password and Your Net Banking Account will be Activated.

Now You have Net Banking Account Access. Next Step is to Link Aadhar Card to your Bank Account. for that Follow this Simple Steps.

  • In My Account, Tab Simply you can see one Option written as “Link your Aadhaar Number” Click on this Tab
  • Next, You have to Do Aadhar Registration.
  • Select your Account Number in the First Tab, Then Enter Your Registered Mobile Number,  In Next Tab Enter you’re 12 Digit Aadhar Numer and Confirm the Number once again.
  • Hit the “SUBMIT” Button and DONE.
  • Now You have Submitted Aadhar Seeding Application form Online and it’s Saved in your Bank Database. After Some days the Bank Officials Verify Your Aadhar Information once your Application will Be Approved you will be Notify by Email or SMS.

So, Isn’t it Easy Method. This is how you can Link Aadhar Card number to Bank Account Online.

How to Link Aadhar Card to Bank Account Offline?

We can Understand that the People of Rural or village area don’t have any kind of Internet Facility. So they are not able to Understand Aadhar Seeding Online Procedure.

But Don’t worry About their Convenience Government also have a different solution. Now all the Rural and Village People will Link their aadhar card with Bank account by Filling one Form easily.

The Procedure is very simple. Go to your bank Branch and at the help desk ask him about Aadhar Linking form and they will give you one form. You can also Download that form from particular Bank website.

In the Form fill up all the details very carefully. Submit the form to bank representative with one self-attested document of Yours.

After that, Bank officials will verify the details and you will get a notification about updates via SMS.

How to Link Aadhar Card to Bank Account by SMS?

Now you can link your aadhar card to your bank account by simple Sending SMS. Follow the Formate.

NOTE – In order to use this Method Your Mobile No. Must be Registered with your Account. If not Do it First then Follow the Given Steps.

  • Open your Message application.
  • Type Your in this Format UID (space) Aadhaar number (space) Account number.
  • Send this SMS to 567676.

So, We hope that this Step by Step Guide to Aadhar Seeding Process clears your doubts and queries.

Link Aadhar Card to SBI Bank Account – Aadhar Seeding Process
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